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1 Out of 10 Providers Will Go
Out Of Business This Year
Every year, numerous child-care facilities cease doing business due to parents who fail to meet their financial obligation.
Reporting Non-Paying Parents is Good for the Industry
If every provider took a few minutes to report a deliquent parent to a national registry then everyone gets to benefit and save money.
Searching for Non-Paying Parents Ahead of Time, Saves Money
Imagine being able to search a national registry for non-paying parents before they negatively effect your business.
ProviderGuard TM by Guardian Care TM is The Solution
ProviderGuard TM is a FREE reporting service allowing you to notify the industry of Non-Paying Parents so no one ever loses money again.
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With ProviderGuard TM You'll Never Lose Money Again!

Welcome to Guardian Care

Guardian Care TM has a proven record in delivering innovative database-driven applications geared to support and enhance the needs of the child care industry. Guardian Care's TM revolutionary browser-based ProviderGuard TM application allows participating child care professionals the ability to regularly contribute and update information about parent payment delinquencies to a national registry database. Our database applications and the providers access to them, are secured with SSL access backed by Global Sign.  We strive to protect the rights of the provider and the parent using advanced technology and data security standards. By using our Fee-Based debt collection service, DebtGuard TM, we can help recoup the money you had lost prior to using ProviderGuard TM.

about Guardian Care

TuitionGuard TM

TuitionGuard TM is an easy to use tuition management software designed specifically for the child care industry.

Parents today are used to paying their bills with the convenience of the Internet. Now you can offer them the same easy payment options with TuitionGuard TM.

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about provider-guard

ProviderGuard TM

ProviderGuard TM is our flagship application designed to protect the child care industry from the financial difficulties caused by non-paying parents.

ProviderGuard TM reporting service is FREE to all registrants and our Pay-As-You-Go lookup feature makes it easy to screen applicants before you waste time and money. 

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about debt-guard

DebtGuard TM

DebtGuard TM is our fee-based debt collections service. Instead of wasting valuable time, effort and money trailing parents in an effort to collect past due money enlist the services provided by DebtGuard TM.

With ProviderGuard TM you will never lose money again and with DebtGuard TM we can get you the money you lost before using ProviderGuard TM.

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